Palm Kernel Olein


Palm kernel olein is the liquid fraction of palm kernel oil obtained when the oil is fractionated.

The solid fat profile shows that the olein melts by about 25°C, compared to palm kernel oil which melts at 28°C–30°C. The oil can be hydrogenated, giving a sharper melting profile, enabling its use in coating fats. The oil is also very useful for margarine fats when interesterified with palm stearin

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Palm Kernel Olein


a. Acid value: Maximum 0,2
b. Equal to FFA as Lauric Acid: Maximum 0,1
c. Color Lovibond 51/4″ cell: Red Maximum 2,5 & Yellow Maximum 25
d. Iodine value: 56-64
e. Saponification value: 195-205
f. Refractive Index at 40 C: 1.4600-1.4610
g. Peroxide value: Maximum 1
h. Kreis test: Negative
i. Could Point: Maximum 7 C