Palm Stearin

General Description

Palm stearin

is the solid fraction of palm oil that is produced by partial crystallization at controlled temperature. It is a stearin in the sense of stearins and oleins being the solid and liquid fractions respectively of fats and oils; not in the sense of glyceryl tristearate.

It is more variable in composition than palm olein, the liquid fraction of palm oil, especially in terms of its solid fat content, and therefore has more variable physical characteristics. Like crude palm fruit oil, palm stearin contains carotenoids, but physically refined palm oils do not, as they are removed or destroyed in the refining process

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Palm Stearin

Refined, Bleached & Deodorised (RBD) Palm Stearin

FFA (as Palmitic) 0.2% Max
M & I 0.2% Max
I.V 48 Max
M.Pt degrees C (AOCS Cc 3 – 5) 44 Min
Colour (5.25″ Lovibond Cell) 3 or 6 Red Max